TouchPoint Experience is a consulting firm focused on building customer advocacy through great customer experiences. We begin by understanding your goals and objectives around customer growth. We map every point the customer touches your company. We assess customer expectations and how customers feel and think about you at each touchpoint. We audit your performance and then look for ways to improve the experience across the most critical touchpoints. We provide you with a roadmap to build customer advocacy and drive growth around customer acquisition, retention and penetration.
Every point in time the customer “touches” or connects with your company throughout the entire product/service delivery; pre-, during and post-purchase.
customer experience
How a customer responds, feels and thinks about your company at each touchpoint.
customer experience management
The process of proactively managing the customer's experience across touchpoints so that it is seamless, integrated and supportive of the company's brand promise.
customer advocacy
When your customer is so delighted with your company that they continue to tell others about it, again and again.
TouchPoint Experience helps companies optimize the total customer experience to drive growth through customer acquisition, retention and penetration.
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